+ Who is behind Eksagon?

Eksagon is a start-up led by Dr. Antonios Oikonomou, Dr. Thanasis Georgiou and Dr. Liam Britnell. Our combined experience in the graphene/2D materials field is more than 20 years where we have applied our knowledge in various roles from technical consultancy to senior level management. All of us have won prestigious awards, published scientific papers and patents in numerous cutting-edge technology subjects.

+ Where are you based?

We are based in Manchester, UK with close links to the National Graphene Institute at the University of Manchester where we house our experimental facilities.

+ What is all about?

What Eksagon tries to achieve? Even with the increase of renewable energy generation, fossil fuels still account for 80% of our energy production. Our world is approaching an energy crisis if we do not find effective and useable alternatives. 97% of the scientific community supports the fact that fossil fuel use is responsible for the climate change we all experience. Is there any solution? Our mission at Eksagon is to push the boundaries of energy-related technologies using our expertise and innovations from advanced materials. It is significant for the current and future generations.

+ Are you looking for investment?

Yes. However, we are looking for patient capital. Individuals or organisations that share our values, culture and who are keen to contribute to our vision and help us reach our goals, contact us at invest@eksagon.com